Started off in Berlin, Germany with two close friends.


Guide at the Jewish Holocaust Memorial in Berlin.



Part 3-

The first three are at the end of my 1st time in France and then the beginning of my time in Germany.

In the end, the experience is all that mattered.





My travels bring me to a rather festive area of Europe.

Part 2- Amsterdam

Part one- France.

Took my all my finals early so I could spend May in Europe with friends and family.


Start of the 2010 summer on Walloon lake.

Life is Bliss.

Kentucky Bourbon Trail. Need I say more?

Went and toured the Wild Turkey and the Buffalo Trace distilleries.

First time actually touring distilleries in Kentucky. I felt as though I was lacking in proper education about my heritage of being a Kentuckian, but going to these distilleries and doing nothing but Bourbon related activities all day sure helped in getting me learned.

Having out of town friends come and visit is like a mini-vacation. Lots of cooking and embarrassing stories being shared. Truly camaraderie at its finest.

Yes,I suppose there are more advantageous things for me to be doing with my time, but after all, you only live once.

Pictures of some friends that I could never forget… even if I wanted to.